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JobTrac / Daily Reporter Combo: 
Get one-year of unlimited digital access to JobTrac. Search hundreds of bidding opportunities, track projects/jobs, email updates on projects you’ve tagged, learn about awarded jobs, and explore more than 11 years of online archives to The Daily Reporter. Plus, you’ll also receive The Daily Reporter print & digital editions Monday-Friday for Wisconsin construction & development news.
Print & Digital 1 Year Optional $525.00
Job Trac / Daily Reporter Combo:
30-Day Print & Digital Access
No-risk and no-obligation. Your subscription will automatically renew on your credit card at the current monthly rate in effect at the time of renewal. You may also switch to a single-payment one-year rate at any time. If you are not satisfied, you may cancel your subscription at any time to terminate future monthly payments. Enjoy your subscription!
Print & Digital 1 Month Required $55.00
The Daily Reporter
Includes 253 print editions annually (delivered Monday-Friday) as well as digital access to current news and article archives. TDR is chock-full of the latest regional construction and real estate news and bid information.  Plus valuable data -- such as building permits, requests for bids, bankruptcies, lawsuits, court calendars, sheriff sales, and much more. (Does not include JobTrac access).
Print & Digital 1 Year Optional $225.00
The Daily Reporter — BEST DEAL!
Two Years (506 issues) with FREE digital access to articles and archives on (Save $45 off the regular one-year rate!)

Does not include JobTrac access.
Print & Digital 2 Years Optional $405.00
The Daily Reporter — 6 months

Does not include JobTrac access.
Print & Digital 6 Months Optional $147.00
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